Social Skills Development and STEM for a better life

Better life starts with better skills

About the Project

SOBER Social Skills Development and STEM for a better life project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. The project aims to create and implement a digital-based Complex Development Program and to offer methodology and training for teachers and special teachers, focusing on the basic skills development of underprivileged and SEN (special education needs) children. 

Project Objectives

Basic Skills Development for students with Special Educational Needs

Reduce inequalities in the learning outcomes of disadvantaged students

Reduce the number of early school leavers in school education

Supporting pedagogical activities that reduce disadvantages

Complex Development Program

The Complex Development Program focuses on skills development for students aged 6-16. By improving students’ results and supporting key competencies and transversal skills, the Complex Development Program conditions healthy personality development and strengthens the positive attitude toward school.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Pupils at risk of dropping out of school deserve extra support from school, teachers, and parents. As a part of the Sober Skills Development Program, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course was developed to provide teachers with materials and a methodology to establish micro-skills that form the basis of key and digital competencies of these students at risk. We make maximum use of digital tools. 

Online platform for skills development

A digital-based online platform with various game-like exercises was developed to strengthen and practice basic skills. Teachers can use this platform by integrating its use into their lessons, and parents can work with their children on the development of specific skills, and the children themselves can use the platform to work on it on their own. Playfulness and gamification are designed to help students gain new competencies in a pleasant and attractive way.



6- 0

Years Old




Weeks Development Plan

Materials for Teachers and Parents

Exercise books – There are four Workbooks dedicated to teachers and parents to work on developing and strengthening key competencies in children. 

Scenarios – Several scenarios were developed that inspire teachers to focus on specific skills during their lessons. These scenarios should be further adapted to the children’s particular age and abilities, the class group size, and the materials available at school.

Curriculum – The pedagogical and special pedagogical foundations of the curriculum contain a general demonstration of the development program. The curriculum defines the program’s background, purpose, and strategic goals, which this international cooperation is aimed at. This comprehensive document describes the fundamental conceptions of the program, its effectiveness, and its structure in detail.


All partners in their home country will organize local multiplier events to demonstrate our intellectual work to a broad audience of interested professionals. 

Please join us to receive more practical information about the development program. 

SOBER Multiplier Event


8-9 July 2023
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SOBER Multiplier Event


24 April 2023
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SOBER Multiplier Event


15 Jun 2023
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SOBER Multiplier Event


11 October 2023
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Strategic partnership

Developing and creating the online platform with all materials was possible thanks to our international cooperation.
The SOBER project is a strategic cooperation of Belgian, Hungarian, Polish, and Turkish partners. Click each logo to see the partner’s description.