Better life starts with better skills

Complex Development Program

The Complex Development Program focuses on skills development for students aged 6-16. By improving students’ results and supporting key competencies and transversal skills, the Complex Development Program conditions healthy personality development and strengthens the positive attitude toward school.

The program aims to reduce inequalities in the learning outcomes of disadvantaged students, which is also crucial for strengthening social cohesion.

The SOBER Complex Skills Development Program is dedicated to reinforcing the development of these key competencies:

1. Perception 

2. Concentration 

3. Memory

4. Thinking 

5. Communication skills

6. Orientation: spatial and temporal 

7. Motor skills

8. Social skills

Tailored to age and skills, workbooks are specially designed tools to support teachers and parents in the development process of children. Creative, motivating, easy-to-use, interesting, playful, focused, and persistent tasks are prepared in the form of printable materials.

Methods and tools used in the Complex Development Program are diverse in order to achieve the best possible results. That is why the Online Platform is a part of the Complex Development Program. 

The SOBER Online Platform is dedicated to teachers and parents to help them use and disseminate educational materials specifically tailored to primary, secondary, SEN students as well as those who are at the risk of dropping out.  This flexible learning management system supports interaction, repetition, digital recording & replaying and communication.