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The “Social skills development and STEM orientation for a better life” call for proposals under Erasmus+ KA201 – Strategic Partnerships in Public Education is a partnership development led by Óbuda University and involving five education organisations, two domestic and three from abroad.

We are delighted to have been able to work with an international team to develop a practical and useful programme that facilitates everyday work and helps teachers, parents and children to make the most of their child’s schooling.  The elaboration of the development programme focuses on different forms of development activities. This innovative activity aims to support pupils’ development, to compensate for disadvantages and to make life easier for children with special needs.

Decades of professional experience have shown that the level of partial ability of children entering school is increasingly wide. Today, there is no longer a typically developing child, but rather an atypical child. The educational system is facing an increasing challenge in this respect and must use all possible means and instruments of prevention, intervention and compensation to ensure that the educational institution can be successful. 

Developmental pedagogy focusing on the development of sub-skills, can make a major contribution to this successful work. 

The aim of this effort is to support teachers, parents and students with a complex programme to develop the skills needed for the learning process.We wish you a happy development! 

We wish you a happy development! 

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Our web platform could not have been created without:

University of Óbuda:

  • Tamás Kersánszki, Professional Manager
  • Zoltán Márton, domestic project coordinator / developer
  • Sándor Kirchhof, programmer
  • Zita Katona, graphic designer
  • Simon Molnár, Sarolta Ramirez, project manager
  • Judit Sándor, financial manager

St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Primary School, Kindergarten and Primary Art School of Edelény:

  • Erzsébet Katona, professional manager, curriculum developer
  • Judit Tóth, curriculum developer
  • Rita Zilinyiné Gál, curriculum developer
  • Ágota Kovács-Erdélyi, graphic designer

Consortium leader: University of Óbuda

Consortium Partners: Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen (Belgium), Fundacija Girls Code Fun (Poland), Hacettepe Bilim Merkezi Egitim Arastirma Ltd (Turkey), St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Primary and Primary Art School

Project ID: HU01-KA201-078702

Downloadable material: 

Pedagogical programme – complex skills development, development curriculum (6-10 year old)

Skill development by area and type – Appendix 1

Development plan for 35 weeks, grades 1-4 (6-10 year old) – Appendix 2

Development plan supplemented by ONLINE exercises for 35 weeks, grades 1-4 (6-10 year old) – Appendix 3

Development exercises for grades 5-6

Development exercises for grades 7-8

Development exercises for grades 9-10